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and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and its intermediates, including but not limited to health category, Oncology category, Antiasthmatic category, and other category of raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates . We have strong technology, advanced production process, complete production facilities and testing machines. More than 70% of the staffs have a college degree or above and good long-term cooperation with many research institutions and famous colleges has been established. The raw material production base is located in Linyi city, Shandong Province. Different series of reaction kettles from 500L t0 5000L are installed in the workshop. With professional, dedicated staff, we continually supply the newest products on our list. Strive to keep our customer ahead of industry, we put the quality at top & treat customer’s satisfaction as our goal. Our main products include  cetilistat,Lorcaserin,tdalafil, anti-detection tadalafil,Ibrutinib,AZD3759,Poziotinib (HM781-36B),Regorafenib,Brigatinib,Nintedanib !



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